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Unobtainium at GM

Originally Posted by botsapper View Post
General Motors are planning to resurrect the once-big dog, the Hummer as an all-electric vehicle! GM will reveal at the Super Bowl in a GM/Hummer commercial with LA Laker's LeBron James. Once controversial for its ostentatious muscular & boxy design with horrible gas mileage, became the symbol of waste and often the target for ostracism, vandalism and jokes. GM-LG Chem collaboration on advanced battery technology plans to rival Tesla's CyberTruck in the larger 'muscle' electric truck market.
So,the H1 is Cd 0.70.The H2 is Cd 0.57,And the H3 is Cd 0.51,while the Cybertruck might come in at Cd 0.28.But because it's 'GM' building it,they've arranged some special exemption with Yahweh, enabling them to do an end-run around physics.
My advice to them would be,to get a hold of the ghost of Dr. Paul MacCready (easy for Yahweh) and have him walk them back through their own wind tunnel,for a dose of reality.The only way a HUMMER could compete with Cybertruck is for it to remain parked.They really do need to do something about the water supply in Michigan.
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