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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Can you expand on that?

I assume you're referring to the "eco" part. I always thought it could refer to either economic motivation or ecological.
I was thinking the same thing too, but I don't think most people associate eco with economics. Back around 2004 when I was contemplating a Taxi company using only Prii, I was going to brand it EcoTaxi. I still don't know if it's pronounced eeko, or echo.

The other thing people bring up here is reducing foreign oil imports, or increasing energy independence.

My overriding motivation is that I have an interest in efficiency, purely for efficiency's sake and learning how things work, and how to optimize systems. Next would be to save some money. Environmental benefits and increasing energy independence are important to me too, but perhaps less so since my saving fuel won't be noticed at all by Mother Nature, and isn't going to bring about energy security to the nation. However, it will be noticed in my pocketbook, and I will have learned a lot in the process.
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