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clean sheet

Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
The only way anyone will compete with Cybertruck is to start with a clean sheet design - adapting any current design will result in DIY specs. Even then Tesla have their massive lead in batteries and electronics - just ask Porsche.

It's interesting that the Tri-CT will have a longer range than any 7-800hp ICE.
The more I think about Cybertruck,the more I'm inclined to believe that,the only way to compete with it,would be to build a truck which looks very much like it.There are no magic tires for a rolling resistance advantage.There are no magic motors which will significantly outperform Tesla's.No word of energy density breakthroughs for range.
Presently,the GM Holden Commodore Ute is the lowest drag production 'truck' in the world,at Cd0.309.Cybertruck has a chance to come in around Cd 0.28.Aerodynamics is really the only thing left on the table.Tesla's shape is 'aerodynamics.' For any carmaker to achieve performance parity with Cybertruck, the laws of physics seems to mandate abandonment of styling,and finally surrender to function,after 94-years of dressmaking.
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