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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I'd love if the expense and bulk of batteries created a fundamental shift towards form following function. Our aesthetic tastes are malleable, so it is us that should change what we consider attractive based on the function of the thing rather than sacrifice function to our vanity.
The other night on PBS Television, their business segment,'Making Sen$e',with Paul Solman touched on something called 'behavioral contagion.' In the episode,it had to do with a neighborhood in Ithaca,New York,where one member put solar PV on their home,and it ended with everyone in the neighborhood doing it.If trees in the yard prevented it,they would by into a local solar farm,and get their power from there.
The psychology was something like,the neighbor must know something I don't,and I want to look into that.It's happening a lot in New York.
A friend just took his sister for a Tesla-3 test drive in Phoenix.She's been basically terrified,and intimidated of computer-related technology.Her weakness though,was that she really likes acceleration,and after the test drive,she's now very impressed with BEVs,and is talking of buying a Model 3 come next fall.Her brother's been driving an EV for a while now,she's been receptive,and it only took the test drive to push her over the fence.That simple.I'm not in the demographic for buying a one new,but I'm saving for a used one.
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