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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Ethanol content and quality will affect MPG

The expensive premium grades that some companies like to advertise - like Shell's V-power - have been tested here in Belgium, and while they actually do offer a slight MPG advantage, this simply doesn't offset the equally premium price for it.

(Premium petrol works better to reduce MPG, than premium diesel BTW)
Shell sucks(happened at several stations in town 3 of 3 stations 3 of 3 arco stations as well what a good scam) i only get 87 US out of the premium 91 octane pump as noted by the timing advancement table drop to 87 level. which is near 0 sometimes negative .

I do go to Chevron or mobil only No where else (unless it's a rental then it does not matter i get the cheapest **** i can find)

with 91 us octane I can see as high as 42 degrees advancement

it's VVT btw

it's normally on summer gas for the 91 oct so it's normally worth it(it's worth 1-2mpg more )

3.399 = 0.183cents per mile(18.5MPG)
3.859= 0.154-0.139 cents per mile (25-27.6MPG)

So regular fuel will cost $4.58-5.05 per gallon (25-27.6MPG equivalent. )

the inverse is at 2.89 a gallon at shown prices above

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