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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Munro & Associates spent 6,600 hours disassembling a Model 3 and concluded they spent "$2,000 more to produce a Model 3 than BMW spends building a similarly-priced i3."

Are you about to point out that the i3 costs more than the 3, but is the size of my Accord, and only has 126 - 153 miles of range?

Too late!

Sandy Munro says that Tesla is inexperienced with manufacturing. The body’s design is too complicated and more expensive to build. “They’re just learning all the old mistakes everyone else made years ago,” Munro told Bloomberg. The steel and aluminum frame Tesla incorporates to enhance safety is unnecessary because the battery pack already lies in the floor and stiffens the vehicle, making the added stampings redundant.

Tesla currently employs 10,000 people at its Fremont plant and targets 5,000 Model 3s per week. At peak production, Toyota and GM build 450,000 cars a year with 4,400 workers--9,000 a week. Tesla may do more work in-house, but do they really need four times as many employees per car made? The Tesla Model 3 Is ‘Needlessly’ Complicated to Assemble, According to Analysts
The Model Y supposedly incorporates a lot of Sandy Munro's suggestions. I am hoping that Sandy does a cellphone-like tear down video of the Model Y... and I hope there are more things like the Superbottle.

I thought it was very interesting for Elon to admit in the Third Row Podcast interview that Tesla has fallen into the trap he used to point out other companies fell into. Like how the Model 3 has modules, but they are not interchangeable and really are only there because of inertia and that there was a battery module team and a battery pack team. And admits that making that change is needed.

Maybe the Model Y gets rid of the modules and just has a battery pack and the space & weight savings (either able to add more cells or makes the vehicle lighter) is where the extra range came from? Maybe we will know by April.

I am also curious to see if they were able to keep the reduced wiring when they went to production that Tesla had planned.

Of those that work at the Hawthorne facility, how many work on making cars and how many work on software, on the machines that make the cars, etc.
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