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own way

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Is this larger than Tesla insisting on doing everything their own way and not trying to learn from a century of automotive experience?

Three hundred miles of range starts getting into gas territory. While the 2018 Jaguar XF 20d should be able to go 731 miles with a 42 mpg highway rating, and a 17.4-gallon tank.

The EPA says the 2010 smrt car has 313 miles of range, the 2012 Scion IQ has 314 miles, the 2013 Fiat 500 iBarf has 315, and the 2016 Honda CRZ has 382 miles.
Elon Musk's premise for Tesla Motors is,to produce electric cars.They can run on all-American energy.And zero-carbon potential,which grows on a daily basis.The overall cost of ownership,over the life of the vehicle is lower than ICE.People who buy them are good at arithmetic.
I believe that it was Ed Begley Jr. who said that the EV1 was only good for 90% of motorists.That was with an 80-mile range or so.There are already Tesla Model X owners getting more range towing trailers than F-150s.It's all about the trailer,not the tow vehicle.And if you still have a working bladder,it's not a bad idea to stay hydrated on a road trip,stopping periodically to 'rest',and catch some kWh's while your at it.Walk the dog.Let the wife out of the car.Smell the coffee.

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