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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
*Sunspots have nothing to do with irradiance,so that's not the explanation.
*Even if the atmosphere was completely blown way,there still wouldn't be enough difference in solar irradiance to explain warming.
*Solar flares allow no reliable prediction of magnetic storms which might affect cosmic particles,as their intercept orientation with Earth cannot be predicted.
*Alfve'n waves have as much to do with the magnetosphere as the solar wind,and nobody knows anything about them.
*Even during total solar senescence,the heliosphere is still active.Galactic and intergalactic cosmic particles are always repelled to some degree.
*The only cosmic particles which could affect cloud condensation nuclei,that can reach the lower atmosphere are muons.Electrons and protons can't make it through the atmosphere.
*Cosmic secondary particle production peaks at 15-kilometers altitude.
*Only a very small fraction of those survive down to 525-feet above sea level,where the 'cooling; marine layer clouds might form.
*And the issue with cosmic-sourced cloud condensation nuclei,as responsible for cooling,low-level clouds;is that there is no shortage of cloud condensation nuclei to begin with.Once the troposphere is saturated with them,adding more won't produce any additional clouds.
* However,each winter,there's no water vapor for which clouds can supersaturate and condense from,so it's water vapor,not CCNs responsible for clouds.
*Tropical cyclones form from latent heat of warm sea surface water,above 80-F.Greenhouse gases prevent surface heat from escaping into space, and oceans absorb the heat,feeding the storms.
*Earth has warmed while the Moon has not,even at the identical same distance from the Sun.
*Cosmic particles bombard the Moon with impunity and with no effect.
*The Sun bombards the Moon with the same sunlight with no effect.
Was just an observation. Wasn't trying to solve it.
I have looked up a dozen more storms during minimum years, every single one came to life or grew explosively during a flare session.
I have yet to find one come up and do anything impressive with out solar flaring.
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