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flare session

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Was just an observation. Wasn't trying to solve it.
I have looked up a dozen more storms during minimum years, every single one came to life or grew explosively during a flare session.
I have yet to find one come up and do anything impressive with out solar flaring.
Yeah,the solar/cosmic,anti-greenhouse gas explanation crowd observed all sorts of activity which they believed could prove causation,but it's like they were so focused on a very narrow line of investigation,they never had time to read the journals and realize other things were also happening,which would ultimately prove causality.
You can't fault them for trying.At the time they got into solar explanations,observed warming was coming up short with respect to climate models.There wasn't anything wrong with the greenhouse forcing,it's just that they hadn't included the parasol effect due to sulfate aerosol from coal.As soon as this was added to the global circulation models,they got a 'fit,' for the first time.That was about 1999.Also,even satellite data at the time was trash.Ever since,equipment,procedures,computers,and models have done nothing but improve.
Best I can tell,it's sea-surface temperature that's driving cyclo-genesis.Equatorial warm waters are breeding these cyclones.They're not any more frequent (maybe),but they're rapidly intensifying,and slowing,with these enormous rain events.I think the pre-Super-Bowl events were impacted by this sort of thing.And we can see the atmospheric rivers spanning the entire continent regularly.
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