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Originally Posted by M_a_t_t View Post
I don't have any problems with kbb. It takes its time for the webpage to load, but nothing ridiculous.

When was the last time you recoated your heat sink with thermal paste? I'm not an expert on this, just something I noticed on mine after several years of almost daily use.

My biggest problem on my pc is probably the graphics card (gtx 660) and/or RAM(2x4 ddr3). So I don't usually get the cooling fan for the processor to kick on.
It's a brand new i5, but admittedly aggressive fan cooling is the top/only complaint about this model. Still, I've got 80 webpages open at any given time (I'm trying to quit) and it's just the KBB one that taxes the CPU. No discrete GPU, just the Intel integrated one.

I can't run in Chrome because I don't want to turn off my ad blocker, so I open it in IE, which is trash. I get left/right scroll bars to see the page and it looks like a middle school attempt developing a web page.

Anyhow, site problems aside, I wonder which value is more accurate? I see Prii regularly selling for quite a lot above the private party value listed even in KBB, and way higher than the Edmunds estimate. I saw a reconstructed title Prius go for KBB value and asking price, and normally I value reconstructed at 70% of clean title value. Granted, I was able to get a C-max for about that 70% target last year.
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