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For what it's worth, I just purchased a used '17 Leaf SV and I absolutely love it. The range isn't an issue for me, nor is space. I saw you mentioned taking kids camping, I don't have kids so our needs might be different... But I am thrilled with this car.

I average around 4.2 mi/KWh (first week of ownership), and trickle charge every night. Has worked like a dream. I bought it used with 29k miles on the clock, and paid just a shade over $15,000. Once Oregon's government gets their **** together, I'll get a $2,500 charge ahead rebate too. I'm also selling my trusty old Yaris, which means grand total cost for me will be around $11,000, for something with about 120 miles of range. If we need to drive to Eastern OR to visit family, we'll just take my wife's Fit.

Just something to think about I guess. Best of luck to you.
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