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I wonder how many km^2 of mylar or similarly reflective material would need to be deployed in orbit around the earth at a given optimal altitude to counteract the warming, bringing about stasis in temperature?

If that were feasible, then I wonder how much further the step would be to expand/contract the light attenuator as needed?
Not around the Earth, at L1:

Counter-rotating fan blades (w/ cyclic and collective) for station-keeping in the solar wind. (and artificial gravity)

You only need to cover a fraction because everything has fresnel.

I looked into it. Vacuum has a refractive index of 1, air is slightly higher. Water is 1.33.

But I suspect Earth's albedo is lower at center of face than on the limb.
Astronomical or celestial refraction causes astronomical objects to appear higher above the horizon than they actually are. ....
Whenever possible, astronomers will schedule their observations around the times of culmination, when celestial objects are highest in the sky. Likewise, sailors will not shoot a star below 20 above the horizon.

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