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Originally Posted by ldjessee00 View Post
The company making the most EVs sells all they make... how is that 'barely selling'?
If I'm a company that makes 1 unit of something, and that unit sells, does that indicate if the industry as a whole is selling a lot, a little, or no indication at all?

Even other car companies, like Kia & Hyundai, got more orders than they can fill for their best EVs (waiting times on orders over a year)...
Companies that don't want to sell any EVs and have restricted production to some minimal number have long waitlists which are exacerbated by extremely high government subsidies, for these new vehicle models. Everything else that's been out for a year is basically available in markets it's offered.

Now, some EVs are finding it harder to sell... but that could be due to issues with that model or the manufacturer and not EVs as a whole.
The entire EV industry captures 2% of sales. That doesn't indicate a problem with the a particular model. It indicates an underlying intractable problem.

The Bolt EV would make a lot more sense at $10k less. But maybe if they didn't have to deal with their dealer network, sold direct, that would help them keep more profit for themselves? They might (but probably not) lower the cost of the car to consumers.
Sure, but the same applies to ICE vehicles too. It's not that EVs are too expensive, it's that they are too expensive in relation to alternatives (ICE vehicles).

Unless dealers start making themselves more useful and see their business as helping car buyers instead of trying to get as much money as pssible, they will be cut out of the loop.
The self-interest of dealers is the only reason they still exist. If they became benevolent, they would simply go away. It's not in their interest to "help car buyers..."

I am waiting for one of the traditional car companies to go 'bankrupt', get bought out by some company, and that being used to cut ties with the previous dealer network and try to sell direct to consumers... And I would not be surprised if the board of directors and stock holders look almost identical from before the bankruptcy and after... but that is complete speculation on my part.
I expect a reconfiguration of a failing/failed company to be way more profitable to stakeholders. Dispensing with previous liabilities would give a huge advantage over the previous company.
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