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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I got my 23andme results back today. It said I was 22% Japanese (all this time I've been misleading people to believe I'm 1/4)
Because of the way genetics work you cannot keep dividing lineage % by 2 beyond the first generation.

You get half your genes from each parent (unless you chance to be a man; then you got a little bit more genes from Mom than Dad, who sold you short with a pesky Y chromosome instead of a sturdy X one).

Where those originate from is a flip of the coin for each chromosome.
The 23 chromosomes you get from each parent could all come from Granddad or all from Granny, but most likely they are a mix of each. It will not likely be a perfect 50% (per parent, 25% total) though.
Then chromosomes mutate and may even swap parts of the legs, complicating matters.

You get roughly 25% of your genes from each grandparent. 22% is a very likely outcome.
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