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Why is YouTube Broadcasting Climate Misinformation to Millions?
YouTube is driving its users to climate misinformation and the world’s most trusted brands are paying for it.

Does anyone want to look into this? I can't be bothered. All I see is advertising being weaponized to stifle discussion. S0 is now banned from Twitter, and Congress is demanding they be driven off Youtube, but so far Alphabet and Google are resisting the pressure.

Meanwhile science is coming around to the 0bservers point of view. Satellites watching for earthquakes, & etc.

JPL: Arctic Ice Melt Is Changing Ocean Currents
The Beaufort Gyre keeps the polar environment in equilibrium by storing fresh water near the surface of the ocean. Wind blows the gyre in a clockwise direction around the western Arctic Ocean, north of Canada and Alaska, where it naturally collects fresh water from glacial melt, river runoff and precipitation....

But the since the 1990s, the gyre has accumulated a large amount of fresh water - 1,920 cubic miles (8,000 cubic kilometers) - or almost twice the volume of Lake Michigan. The new study, published in Nature Communications, found that the cause of this gain in freshwater concentration is the loss of sea ice in summer and autumn....

Persistent westerly winds have also dragged the current in one direction for over 20 years, increasing the speed and size of the clockwise current and preventing the fresh water from leaving the Arctic Ocean. This decades-long western wind is unusual for the region, where previously, the winds changed direction every five to seven years.

Scientists have been keeping an eye on the Beaufort Gyre in case the wind changes direction again. If the direction were to change, the wind would reverse the current, pulling it counterclockwise and releasing the water it has accumulated all at once.

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