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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
6 months ago before the tax credit died
used Bolts could be had around $14,000

Now they are $20k which is strange.
I haven't been keeping a very close eye, but I haven't heard of any going for less than about $20. I'd have picked one up anywhere in the country for $14k.

Looking at Cargurus, it looks like the market tanked for the Bolt and hit bottom in October, then rebounded. That price dip may have represented the steep discounting the manufacturer was offering as the 2020 model was set to be released, which got a small boost in range.

Don't know if Cargurus pricing reflects dealer pricing, or private party, but I assume it's dealer.

The most interesting thing is that the 2019 dipped below the value of the 2018 model in August and is just about on par with it now. Don't know how that happened because the models are identical.

Maybe I should be scouring the Bay Area ads for private party vehicles with expired HOV access. I'd love to make an arbitrage business that shuffles CAs undesirable EVs to the hot PDX market.

EDIT: Just found a 2016 spark with 16,000 miles on it advertised for $8,800. The dealer claims to be eligible for the state $2,500 rebate for low income people, so if I could talk them down $300 I might be able to get it for $6k. Seems like a heck of a deal.

EDIT2: Just had another idea; scoop up a used Model S where the owner purchased full self drive and hope Tesla delivers on it someday.
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