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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
You've been busy. What are the relative merits for getting you message out, of Autospeed, your book, and videos on Youtube?
Trailing vortices and drag: You may get gentle rains and sunshine, but in the Pacific Nortwest, in a driving rain on the Interstate, you get a good view of vortexes. I like the trucks with lateral vortexes projecting out of the front wheel wells. Water has more mass than air which complicates things, but the water likes low pressure areas.

Vortex generators: I was hoping for fads or fashions in vortex generators. A few years back it was glowing plasma actuators.
Autospeed now has nothing to do with me - it's a previous employer, no more and no less.

Books to me are 'real' (citable, criticisable, published) and conversely, YouTube videos are just fluff. I do the YouTube videos only to promote the books. One paragraph in a book is a full YouTube video!!

WRT to vortices, I think it has to be fine spray and not rain ie a mist of tiny droplets. I've driven in the US north west, and I didn't see the conditions I am describing very often.

Yes, I get emails about plasma actuators and the like....
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