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I have no direct knowledge (I might be a brain in a jar). But following the story as evolves is only a few minutes out of your day.
03:04 ...and last
03:07 but not least an early look at a paper
03:09 that will head to the earth and space
03:11 science publication and taking what we
03:14 know about cosmic ray climate forcing to
03:16 another level but here it is more than
03:19 just the anti correlation with
03:20 temperature which is the number one
03:21 thing most know due to particle
03:23 interactions and increased cloud opacity
03:26 leading to lower sunlight and which is
03:28 shown here but more importantly the
03:31 atmospheric pressure this is the new
03:34 player in town of terms of cosmic ray
03:36 bombardment in the peer-reviewed
03:37 literature and it perfectly matches the
03:39 anti correlation with the temperatures -
03:41 while the Svensmark cloud cooling has
03:44 long been known the high cosmic rays low
03:47 atmospheric pressure leading to cloud
03:50 formation and enhancement is a last 10
03:52 years discovery which helps to
03:54 understand the storm forcing scene with
03:56 space weather energies as well an
03:58 outstanding epic visualization of the
04:01 literature confirmation on the heels of
04:04 a reminder of how this planets version
04:06 of a sense of humor will be to pull
04:07 another Ice Age on a world worried about
04:10 warming...
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