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I only made it to the first real estate-flipping advertisement.

While he was introducing I looked at his channel page.:
  • How I Bought 6 Houses Telling the Government I Lost Money
  • Multifamily Real Estate 101: Cashflow like Grant Cardone & Ben Mallah
  • How I Trick Banks who Deny Me into Giving me Money
  • How I Built 9 Income Sources That Make $159,233 Per Month
  • Make Money off New Real Estate Rule Scamming
This is the sort of person who has made it impossible for your average worker drone to own a home. I like Matt Risinger, he makes things.

edit: Now this jerk is following me around Youtube.

How about Thoughty2 instead of Shouty:

Finally, nine minutes in, he names the culprit —Le Corbusier. I expected as much. No mention of Corbu's Modulor, that's a terrible overisght. No recognition of Robert Graves [post-modernism] on the one hand or Frank Gehry [Guitar Museum] on the other. Laments the lack of curves in modern architecture then shows Sir Norman Foster's 30 St. Mary Axe.

2nd edit: I'll give him this, he ends up pointing out that the Pantheon is just as old as the Coliseum, but it's in better shape because people cared about it. I think it's one of the most important domes in the world.
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