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I am sure the people who bothered you hoped to get somewhere through flattery. I think that he knows a great deal, but periodically something he says does not make any sense to me.

In the remodel post that I made I shared that he suggested putting contact paper with a marble pattern on your countertops. Supposedly that cheap stuff would increase the value of your home a couple of thousand. I would think that as soon as someone touched it they would know that it is not any kind of stone and it would not last very long. I found the video that he linked and another woman posted a video about her six-month update. I guess that she said that it held up just fine, but her voice was absolutely intolerable, although I am sure that she is considered cool, and I am just out of touch. Regarding durability, someone commented on the first video that I watched "People keep saying it can melt. Girl, then just replace it. It won't be that hard it's paper."
1. It may be called paper, but it is plastic, and plastic often causes problems when it melts.
2. How often do you want to replace sections of contact paper?
3. I had just thought that the seams would be noticeable, but instead of using as large pieces as possible, these women used many small pieces, resulting in more seams, but of course the pattern changed at the seams.

I forget where I did the math on another video. Kevin said that you can go from $0 to retired in 9 years, saving $20,000 a year, buying a house with 3.5% down, fixing cosmetic things, renting it out, and repeating until you are able to retire.

The problem is that he did not give a number of details, so I do not have any idea how accurate my estimates were.

Like with the Tesla buying a tire company thread, I did the best math that I could, and I welcomed people providing information that I could not find on my own.

[I also thought that it was incredibly unlikely that Tesla would grow as fast as that kid suggested]

Anyway, unless I was missing something huge, Kevin's claims just did not add up. It is possible that it would take twelve years to create the cashflow that he said that you could build in nine, but that wasn't his premise.
"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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