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I think when too much people agree with the same thing, it's highly probable there is a lot of bullsh...t involved.
But it's bullsh...t in both sides, feminism (far from the theoric feminism) and in sexism or even MGTOW.
Most MGTOW members would not complain if they suddenly became rich, pretty and got magnetism to atract women, and they would call other man in lower situation as losers. There is a envy component on there, stronger than the ideologic component, stronger than the justice ideology. After all, humans are a disgrace.

Humans are so ordinary that they only took something, idea, side, when it's oportunist for hin/her and his groop, instead of formulate a fair reflection to try to reach what is right and just.

Power corrupts. If you want to really know someone, give hin/her power, and you will see. Power corrupted man, corrupted white man and rich people. Now power is corrupting women and some black people connected to extremist left wingers.

Anyway, this trap evolution looks funny:

But who take the ring? Who accept the ring? So this could also be valid to used for feminists who would say men are a trap.

Your link was incomplete, so I typed the title and found a page with the video interview.

I supose MGTOW on Brazil it's just a garbage as all other ideologies that come to fashion here, corrupted and full of hypocrisy. They are probably just a lot of conservative who find ok man do sh... but not ok women do sh... In my opinion who made sh... have no morals to complain agains other who also did.
And I suopose most them support stupid people who took the ideologic war to reach politic post, like one they mention in the video, Ana Caroline Campagnolo. Many conservative support evil evangelic ministers who just want to steal people using their faith. They support such crap just because these crap are against extreme left wing, as churchs are against the leaft wing ideas about sexuality, despite most religious talk one thing and do other.

I must remamber I found extreme left wing and the modern distorted feminism another bull sh... I already did a lot of critics against the hypocrisy of both. They got power and try to impose their radical ideas as facts, they are nearly becaming a religion, like The Goslpel of the Holly Puss...y, or The Gospel of Marx's Rules.

USA have high contrast in ideology. Brazil have a high social contrast but until few time ago very low ideologic contrast. Suddenly, with help of globalization, they got the war of left wing X right wing.

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....from a victimhood mindset. No accusation from me, and prolly redpoint5.

Helpfully offered without comment:

www.***** MGTOW is Big In Brazil

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