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Some nice boatails in 1927, not really aerodynamic by it's self, but a race up a parking garage, now that's odd.

Just A Car Guy: Peugeot

Way back in 1927!

Banville's symbol race where several thousand people in Paris went racing in a new and gigantic garage in the neighborhood, eight floors high and three or four floors below ground, all accessed by ramps.

Spectators hung out in the turns and at each landing, and also on the steps of the stairs and in the offices that give it an elegant feel of a major sporting event.

At the top, in a spacious tennis court were tables of cakes, small ovens, and champagne were waiting for guests................

..........included motorcycles, cyclecars, racing cars and Bugatti, Delage, Amilcar, Seneschal, Talbot, Peugeot, etc.,.............

It ended, without incident or accident.

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