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Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Or something.

I thought that it would be nice, but potentially weird, to buy my niece flowers for Valentine's Day, so I asked permission. Our sister told me to buy flowers for my nephews, too.

I am not buying boys flowers.

The mom said that they would prefer candy, so I ordered them some, while I found the best deal for flowers.

The best deal for flowers was having my sister pick up some, but I asked her twice, and she ignored me. Sure, she doesn't like me, but why did she make it difficult to do something nice for her little princess?

I bought this box of Chocolates on the fifteenth and tried to find the time to drive down and spend time with my niece. I asked my brother if he wanted some day-old Valentine's baked goods, but he took me back to get him a box of chocolates, which sat on the counter for a week or two, and then he ate the entire box before we realized that he opened it.

While I was distracted wondering if I had finally figured out a good way to get an inexpensive home my brother found the box that I had bought for my niece and, as you saw, ate half of it.

One of my clients is a girl scout and the mom recently told me that they would be set up in front of Walmart, so I took my brother to meet them, and bought him four boxes.

He has repeatedly eaten stuff that Mom has hidden in her car and he has gotten stuff out of mine, but so far that has been limited to suitcases and stuff. If he realized that I had a 13" television in my trunk he would put it back in my room, but apparently my trunk is a no-box when it comes to my brother. I should have put the candies in there, but I am going to send my brother's boxes of Girl Scout cookies to my niece, and take pictures, so my brother knows.
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