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From my personal anecdotal perspective, my wife is a decent eco-driver, though certainly not as obsessed with it as I am. She manages in the high 30's and low 40's consistently with her CVT Honda Fit. So while a CVT might be less effective in the hands of a dedicated eco-driver, perhaps in the hands of someone who is merely trying to do well without extricating every last tenth of an MPG, it serves them better than a "normal" transmission would.

Also of note, my dad is decidedly not an eco-driver. I watched him consistently slip my Yaris (manual transmission) out of gear to decelerate and use only the brakes. For someone like him that doesn't utilize DFCO at all, a CVT's lack of it would have no noticeable effect on his fuel economy, and with its optimized shifting and torque distribution map might help him achieve higher numbers.
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