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Didn't listen to the podcast. Sorry, not sorry; per redpoint5. I've been following Dr. John Campbell. Today: COVID-19 3rd March Tuesday 9,920 views •Mar 3, 2020 I like the low-tech presentation, printed pages and overhead cam.

My wife got her first "Corona virus" case yesterday.
See what she thinks about this: I think I've already had it.

Is there anything else seasonal going around? Mid-January I had what I'd characterize as a 'novel' inflammation. In that it went in through the lacrimals and out through the b*tthole.

I have the luxury of not having a schedule to keep, so starting with the first symptoms and for the first two days I treated it aggressively with steam and saline solution. The next two days I treated with chicken noodle soup ....and hip-hop

Can anyone explain what happens at 1:28? CGI or practical effect?

Change my, you know, the thing.