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Yes RPM's go way higher than would on level ground. It's normally just under 2,000 rpm at 55-60. I probably wasn't going over 70 mph down hill but reving a whole lot more, I'd crank up the AC to create more engine braking/load.

The in town spot it does it every time, I'm rolling along at 20-25 mph, it's basically idling, it will go up to 13-500 rpm to keep from picking up speed.

The Navigation does know the speed limit most of the time but I don't think it uses it to control the engine braking. I think it just sense of increase of speed with no throttle input and decides you don't want to pick up speed.

Not sure if it will do it when Cruise control is enabled (95% of time), it blinks a little warning light when exceeding the set point but don't think it's ever slowed it down. You can set a warning set point at 5 or what ever MPH above speed limit in the Nav so I don't know if it's using that same limit for that alarm. It's on the dash not the Nav screen. I turned the audio alarm in the Nav on once at 5 over, wife let me know after her first drive to turn it off.

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