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I tried the same thing recently and the gains were tiny. Intake air temp was 140 F when driving at night and 170 F during the day. Bloody hot! It seemed to stay in lean burn more but my commute is rolling hills and i need to get to work in a reasonable time so it had to go. I was having to give it more throttle to get anywhere. So now the intake snorkel is pointing in, towards the engine but is all stock. Intake temps are now 90 F and things are running ok. I got a temp probe with an lcd display and drilled a 3mm hole in the filter housing before the filter. Stuck the probe in there and have the display on the dash. Engine is up to temp in about 2 to 3 minutes in the 50 F weather we are having now. It used to warm up a good bit faster with the hot air intake. Suppose we had a heat exchanger on the exhaust to be the HAI but had a valve to switch away from that to a WAI when up to temp. Then we'd have the best of both worlds, no?

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