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The Versa on downhill coasts also increases the RPM's by several hundred but in just over 1 year of driving the car with and without a/c use and on some pretty long steep hills I've never seen the Ultra Gauge indicate DFCO. There's pretty significant engine braking, just the opposite of what I want it to do. I read somewhere that there was a way to go into the ECU and make adjustments to the amount of engine braking. There were 3 different settings but only 1 was recommended by Nissan. I suspect maybe one either has minimal engine braking or none at all, one has moderate engine braking and one is probably like they have it set from the factory. I'd thought about trying to find someone who could go into the ECU and make the changes but again with the problems Nissan has had with their CVT's I decided maybe that wasn't the best choice.

Metro MPG-My '16 Versa has an EPA rating of 31 city, 39 highway, and 34 combined. I don't remember the automatic and standard transmission numbers but, I do remember the CVT has the best ratings. As you can see from my fuel log I can easily beat the highway EPA rating with probably somewhere between 80-90% of my driving being on rural 2 and 4 lane roads with speeds in the 45-55 MPH range. If all my driving were city I'm not even sure I could maintain the 31 MPG rating. According to the Ultra Gauge this car doesn't care for extremely low speeds. It seems that right around 45 MPH may be the sweet spot. Since I'm usually in no hurry to get to my destination a large portion of my driving on secondary roads is around 45 MPH and on the better roads 50 MPH. With the c/c set at 50 MPH on flat sections of the highway even this time of year when the temps are cooler I can sometimes maintain MPG numbers in 60-70 MPG range for up to a mile or more.

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