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It is always crazy when someone sells a car because they cannot figure out a problem and the buyer figures it out easily.

Here is a Celica for $1,500. I hear they are reliable, but what silly person would buy a convertible in snow country?

It is also pre-OBD-II, and an autotragic. I would love to make a video series fixing up a 1996 Celica. Maybe I could get Shouty to mention it, but I have enough difficulty figuring out problems already. Relying on diagnosing and forgoing the benefit of code readers?

Forget it!

Here is a 1996 Altima that I may have mentioned. It is an autotragic and the fuel economy is terrible, although I owned a 1997, and do not remember it being that bad. I looked at an Altima and an Accord and it seemed like everything was equal.

Both were good cars, so I was trying to make up my mind when it seemed like both were equally good decisions.

Then this song came on the radio:
I bought the Accord, later hit an elk, drove a hundred miles to the junkyard, later bought a similar Altima, and my sister sold it when I joined the Army--but not before I blew the head gasket.

I did not think anything about paying a mechanic $1,000 to fix it--until I replaced the head gasket in the Forester.

Hey, I could have fixed the Nissan myself!

This Altima has a blown head gasket, 172,000 miles, and they are asking $150.
I can probably talk them down to $149:
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