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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Is it legal to use steel studs for exterior walls? I thought that we established that it wasn't in my Aircrete thread.
It is legal to use steel studs for exterior walls but steel framing is more expensive than wood so it is less common in small residential buildings.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Another limitation with trying to retrofit a shed into a home in-town is that sheds probably have 24" studs, on-center. Wouldn't you need 2x6es to make that work?

Can you nail 2x2s to 2x4s and call them 2x6es?

(Maybe 2x3s)
I purchased a Tuff Shed about 4 years ago through Home Depot. It is 200 square foot with a loft above and 2x4 construction 16" on center. (It is the maximum sq ft and height allowed in my city without a building permit) I added solar electric lighting and I'm currently updating the electrical to copy the 12V solar system in my campervan.

The shed does double duty as everyday storage and back-up living quarters in case of a Cascadia Earthquake. Even if our main home survives it will likely be uninhabitable especially if the earthquake strikes in winter. (How do you heat a home without windows) So we have 3 months food and water in the shed along with a heater, stove and propane. With the solar upgrade we should be set for solar heating and cooking as a back-up for the propane.
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