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Allegedly about 75% of Walmart's inventory comes from China, although as far as I can tell, a union came up with that number. News sites may have used that statistic, though. https://www.americanmanufacturing.or...america-pledge

When I go shopping, I try to find the best-looking cashier, although that is often me. However, I think that the only manned register in the Show Low Walmart is for cigarettes.

I never need help finding anything. On the rare occasions I tried asking for help I always regretted it. My only option is self-checkout, so when poor people go to Walmart, we finance the stockers and self checkout supervisors, with a large amount of money going to China?

Our only option for food is Safeway, which supposedly pays less(!), although at least they almost always have human cashiers, and if I needed help finding something, I would have confidence in the employees.

Everyone wants a better supermarket to move into the old Kmart.
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