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Hmmmm. Where to even start. Let's take them in order

"You won't believe how freebeard [what is the point of this?!] with one simple trick! His neighbors hate him!"
Only my neighbor to the West, and everybody[else] hates him. He's been given 30-days notice for not-HOA violations. I've been putting up with the jerk's mental state for two years. A neighbor on the other side moved away to get away from his threats of violence, I just do a concealed carry. How did you know this anyway. ??
For how long do you really want homes to last? I feel that every couple of decades you would want to open up the walls and redo everything.
Human's habit change but not that much. Interiors are re-modelable.
He compares putting on a jacket in the winter instead of shoving the fleece between your ribs.
I literally cringed. Worstest analogy ever.
He seems to be a big fan of exterior insulation and he has shown homes with open walls.

Where does the wiring and plumbing go? Are you going to have that in plain sight?
Use you imagination (cabinets and built-ins). In the case of domes, the interior walls should be radial and the doorbell and porch light are all that's needed on the exterior. Maybe a built-in Christmas laser lightshow?
Apparently a 2" foil-faced iso foam board has the r-value of 3.5 inches of rock wool or fiberglass. I would love to know about 4" boards, but I cannot find any!
The two layers are lapped for a reason. A single layer would have gaps at the edges.
Conclussion: a realization that smacks you upside the head

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