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Tiny Office Home Office! :)

I have been trying to find the right way to wire this. How about this?
Remove the yellow covers, mount this in the wall, and run an outdoor extension cord to the house.

This is a surge protector!

I realized that when I figured out how to mount this to a wall. It has those slots the back.

Apparently I can just wire an outlet to an outdoor extension cord, but this is UL listed and $13: Defiant 4-Outlet Box with Circuit Breaker - 15 Amps [the picture is from one that looks the same, but is cUL-rated. I am sure that the Canadian Underwriter's Laboratory is good enough for a laptop and LED lights, but this is cheaper!

Honestly, I want a roof at a 34.3515 angle--our latitude, but that would have been an issue with a shed of any logical width. I could install one whole solar panel!

I don't need to tell the power company about one solar panel, do I?

One thing that I have not figured in is HVAC. I should only need a tiny one for something the size of a normal closet. I guess that I could just plug it into my wall-mounted surge protector, although that definitely wouldn't be the most elegant solution.

Would it be worth designing a roof for one solar panel?

A 1:12 roof would be vastly simpler. I could plan 8'2" on the door side and 7'10" on the other and save myself a great deal of work.

Or I could do 8' and 7'8" and save myself more work!

I had wanted the roof pitch to more or less match the roof and shed. Hopefully the old women would be more likely to approve of it. I had thought that an outswing door would be less secure, but apparently it is more so:

What happens when you try to kick down a door on a building only four or five feet wide?

30"x80" was the most common size that they had in-stock. I figured that would help get a good value. The cheapest door is $119 and looks like Mom's front door:

This is a similar door, except it swings outward, and is prehung. $289:

So, an extra $170, but how much of that is from being prehung?

For the record, an 8:12 roof is 33.69 and a 1:12 pitch is 4.76:

How much roof overhang do I want? I have been using 6" so far.

I tried to find this picture and I realized that I must not have attached it correctly earlier:

freebeard, you don't want me using polymetal?
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