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Separate inspections are required for footings, stem wall, reinforcement, under-floor framing, roof sheating/nail, framing, insulation, [...] drywall nail, rough framing/electrical, electrical service, and final.

It shall be the duty of the person doing the work autorized by a permit (or the owner) to notify the building safety department that such work is ready for inspection.
The building safety department request that all inspection be called 24 hours in advance (Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8am and 5pm) prior to the needed inspection. [...] No footing or foundation will be approved without clearly-delineated, accurate property lines and property yard setbacks.
Do I want to pour concrete for 32 square feet or just use concrete blocks? So, set up six concrete blocks and set down pressure-treated lumber, call in the inspector, wait over 24 hours, nail down two pieces of plywood, 2x4s (or whatever around the perimeter), 5 more 2xs 16" on-center (or whatever), call and wait at least another 24 hours...

Shouldn't I be able to build this on a Saturday? If I complete each step in an hour or two, but need to wait at least 24 hours for a government official to spend seconds inspecting my handiwork, this could take weeks!

"Looks good, sir."
"When can you come back?"
"Call me when you complete it."
"Can you wait fifteen minutes?!"
"Call me when you complete it."
"Talk to you in fifteen minutes!"
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