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Originally Posted by leoblack9 View Post
Hi, so I'm downsizing from a r14 rim size to a r13. Current tire size is 155/65/r14 and that is the oem size. My current rims are 14x5.5 rota alloys (so what I got is wider than oem spec. Oem rim size is 4.5).

I have two option for tire sizes:
1.) 155/80/13 (taller sidewall).
2.) 165/70/13 (wider but same as oem diameter. Accurate speedometer)

I found cheap alloy 13x4.5 et45 rims that match up to my car's oem specs (Suzuki celerio / alto 2010 model).

Now the reason for the downsizing is because I am not satisfied with the current tire's ability to absorb potholes, I recently changed front struts (from old busted ones) and it seems that the tires are really just not pleasant to use on bad roads like the ones in my country.

Do take note that in India (where the Celerio is made) the oem tire size there is 155/80/13. The roads there are pretty bad too, potholes galore.

What is the optimal tire size? Should I go for a taller tire or maintain the oem diameter? Would the slightly wider tire negate any efficiency benefits I get from downsizing?
I think you will find the 155/80R13 easier to find and have more options available.

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