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Originally Posted by MeteorGray View Post
I agree with the speed limit reduction point!

However, the oil-production war currently going on between Saudi Arabia and Russia is sinking the price of oil and thus its products. This makes it more difficult to get the general public behind any idea of reducing speed llimits to reduce consumption.

Alas, my 50-year-old son-in-law showed me Saturday night his brand new 2020 Ford Mustang...a GP something-or-other. It features a 760HP V8 that makes 17 MPG on the highway. I attribute it to his mid-life crisis. I doubt he drives any slower in his new ride.

He showed me his new car not long after I was complimenting my Mazda3 on its highway mileage potential.
In two years of big city (Toronto) driving, the Forester has averaged 10.5 L/100KM or 22 MPG. On a long highway drive at 90 KPH I can consistently get 7.0 L/100KM or 33 MPG. That's from fuel and odometer records, using Fuelio for Android.

My ScanGauge II is so accurate, when I fill up the pump shows within 0.1 L of what the ScanGauge had predicted. When ScanGauge upgraded their circuit board a few years ago, they sent me the new board with install instructions for about $15. That's very good for customer loyalty. I have a custom gauge (ScanGauge gives you the code) for transmission temperature (TFT), so I can monitor the CVT temperature. I have BlueDriver for diagnostics, but nothing can replace the ScanGauge for everyday real-time feedback.
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