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Greetings from Xist TOC!

Monday was a busy day, people saying "Happy Xistday" and expecting responses, automatic e-mails saying the same, but unfortunately, a larger number of websites telling me what they are doing about the outbreak.

Also several e-mails from my employers as well as many text messages from my school supervisors and critical responses like
Karen liked a message "Lol."
My agency pushed to get us authorized for teletherapy and today is the first day that we can do it, although I need to figure out all of that. My school supervisor told us that we needed to reach out to our home-schooled families and see if they want to do therapy over the phone. I am hoping the mother of two crazy boys says "No," but it should work for the other one.

Well, now we are supposed to send packets to our families and try to set up video conferencing for therapy.

As difficult as it is to focus in my room I went ahead and cleared out the garage. I have my personal laptop (that I use for work whenever possible), the old laptop that I used for work until they issued me a laptop, and that one.

For some reason the pictures are not uploading.

I bought an LED shop light from Harbor Freight a month or two back, but have not really worked in the garage, so I did not set it up. I am using that in the garage, but I need to find a permanent solution.

However, at the moment, I need to go to work, and I probably shouldn't leave my three laptops out here.

Oil Pan, how far would I need to run a cat-5 conduit from the one with power? I am surprised that wifi works at all here, I think that it is faster than in my room, but I want to make sure that I have a good connection, and I am a big fan of cat-5 (or cat-6!)

It is amazing when one tiny detail determines success and failure. I do not have any idea how we could have kept flies out of our Field Expedient Composting Toilet, but they stayed below the seat...
"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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