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The logic doesn't follow. Ladder manufacturers are only interested in making massive profits, and if they just spent more their ladders would be safer and fewer people would die from falls.

My point is that every business is only interested in profit at the end of the day; including non-profits. Saving 5 cents per sale is massive, and not doing so would give competitors a huge advantage. The problem isn't the type of bag Walmart uses, it's that people are dirtbags and litter. We're dirtbags because we blame Walmart rather than doing the hard work of confronting dirtbags. Our rationalizing cretinous behavior makes us culpable and deserving of the trash pit we live in.

Maybe there's a case to be made for local laws requiring a certain type of bag that every business must use (equal playing field) because protection of the commons is the role of government. Profit is the role of business. If business does not attend to profit, they don't exist, we don't get our goods, and people have no jobs.
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