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Xist — Don't know what you think about Alex Jones, but this is his theory:

Alex Jones interviews an anonymous source about the numbers being reported about the Chinese Communist Party’s coronavirus.

The source, a research scientist, pointed out that America’s coronavirus cases are appearing to explode because of the sheer number of testing it’s been able to do thanks to President Trump’s response.

“If you look back at about March 1, you’re seeing about 1,000 tests performed per day in the United States,” the source said.

“Today, it’s right around 150,000-200,000 tests a day. And so, it’s no doubt that we have way more positives identified than any other country in the world is because we’ve actually done way more tests than anybody at this point.”

“One thing that Trump did…he stepped in and the FDA reduced those regulations, and it opened up testing.” EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Exposes Huge Coronavirus Secret: United States has most cases because it's done a hundred times more testing than anyone else

I'm curious about Hydrochloroquine trials, results should be available after 3-4 days. A story from 2018: High-yielding continuous-flow synthesis of antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine

This high-yielding, multigram-scale continuous synthesis provides an opportunity to achieve increase global access to hydroxychloroquine for treatment of malaria.
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