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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
“One thing that Trump did…he stepped in and the FDA reduced those regulations, and it opened up testing.”
Or not. One thing Trump actually did was congratulate West Virginia last week for keeping coronavirus out of their state.

When asked if it’s an issue of a lack of reporting cases, the president elaborated. “I just see West Virginia is the only one that has no cases. So obviously that’s being treated differently than in New York or California.”
Testing. Yeah. There was a while when "presumed coronavirus" was a diagnosis being reported in the news because there were no tests. West Virginia wasn't even doing that:

How one woman fought to get her husband tested while her state was applauded for having no coronavirus
Carolyn's journey is one story behind how and why West Virginia had no reported cases for so long.
Trump congratulated West Virginia because they weren't testing or even reporting presumed cases the day after I got sent home from work in New Hampshire. I knew it was just a cold, but my boss told me to check it out. I called the doctor's office and got told to call 211. Which told me to go see my doctor. So the 17th, the same morning Trump was congratulating WV for not testing anyone, I showed up at the doctor's clinic. It was the same runaround, except I was simply playing "react to coronavirus" because I was supposed to and was confident I didn't have it. I cheerfully went home and reported to work that I had been ordered to go home and self isolate. By the receptionist. Because we didn't have protocols or tests available here either.

That was just over a week ago. Did he wave his deregulatory wand and magically produce and distribute tests before "... I guess they have none. Still none? Still none, West Virginia. Big Jim the governor, he must be doing a good job,” or was it after that? Hopefully not before, that would mean you can't trust the words coming out of his mouth. If it was after, then maybe early on Monday the 17th he suddenly realized the magnitude of the situation and called the FDA, telling them to get more tests no matter what.

But I'll just go with the graph in the video Xist shared earlier that shows it's spreading here exactly as effectively as it has spread everywhere else.

I'll also guess that Alex Jones is full of $#*+. I feel dirty for even clicking on that link to see the date of that post.

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