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I was just curious if we are talking about the same person. After all, back in post #65 you posted a news ranking site that has this to say about him:
Impressive memory and eye for detail. That's a site I pulled out of my engine; but looking again it might be worth exploring:
Least Biased
Questionable Sources
Re-Evaluated Sources
Country Profiles
I haven't watched TV since (basically) 1975 but since the mid-90s we've had other sources. Since 2017-10 we have authoritative sourcing in the open source intelligence community. [weaponized autists]

It's all according to prophesy. The choice to know is yours.

AJ is lyricist for one of my favorite folk songs: Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song

The same Rachel Maddow--wait, were you asking JSH?
I'm not like TexasCotton in that other thread. Just trying to be part of the conversation. I'd rather discuss the SpaceX Dragon XL's contract with Artemis or the first season of Hands Off Eizouken but that's not what's happening here.

Jon Stewart: apparently irreplaceable.
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