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Originally Posted by JSH View Post
This has the potential to go either way. Yes, the drop is way deeper than 2008/2009 but so could the rise. It all depends whether we react to this is a coordinated way or not. We must do a nationwide shut down to buy time and stop the spread.

...The Republicans that a loath to give the unemployed and poor any money didn't blink at giving every unemployed person an extra $600 a week check and expanding who qualified.... The Democrats that hate large corporations signed off on $500 billion to keep them in business with very few strings attached.

...I would feel a whole lot better with a President Pence in charge today instead of Trump. I would feel WAY better with my personal 2016 choice Kasich in charge. I wonder how many people in the GOP feel the same way and are secretly regretting not taking the chance to get rid of Trump when they could. They will all rise or fall on what Trump does.
The fact that dogs and cats are getting along is an indication that things are dire. An unprecedented "shelter in place" order in many cities is indicative of the problem. There's a study showing a best case scenario of 8x hospital capacity in the US and the UK. Then we have Trump saying maybe Easter. The truth is probably somewhere between those extremes, which still isn't pretty.

I just listened to Pence on Uncommon Knowledge and was extremely impressed with how he handled the interview. He gave answers with a political bent, but still stayed on topic without being dishonest. He is a credit to his political party. I'd be extremely comfortable with him running the show. I'd miss some of the comedy the current POTUS gives, but I'm willing to sacrifice amusement for serving US citizens with integrity.

Trump is the best bet for Rs despite the huge, glaring deficiencies. The same can be said of the Ds likely nominees.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Iceland is testing everyone possible, finding many asymptomatic cases, and seemingly maintaining control.
Iceland has a population the size of Bend and Eugene (Oregon). Haven't heard of those towns; it's because they have a relatively small population... JHS beat me to it.

My point is that the entire country is a fraction of a small state in the US.
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Give me absolute safety, or give me death!

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