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Benefits of Covid-19

This is not a thread to downplay the seriousness or danger of Covid-19. It is simply to show that there are some temporary benefits.

The major benefit I see is that lower pollution levels are being seen around the world due to factory closings and less traffic of all combustion vehicles. Skies have turned blue in places where they are normally brown or yellow. Google pollution and coronavirus and you can read all the stories you want about this. The hope would be that at least a few of our leaders would see and understand that this could be normal if they had the vision and guts to eliminate fossil based energy as soon as possible. The oil and coal industries know it too. That's why they fight so hard to block renewable industries and technologies from the world. Enough of this topic.

The next benefit I've seen is on a more local level. I see families getting to spend more time together. Moms and Dads are home from work and kids are home from school. While we know the economic costs of this it is still nice to be able to watch families enjoy more time together.

Seeing people helping each other more. There are always going to be people who volunteer their time on a regular basis. But from my observations on some of the social media sites, more people than average are coming out to help their neighbors. And to me that is a good thing. Too many folks don't even know their next door neighbors these days but in this crisis they are meeting them and helping them.

Does any one else have positives to this disease?