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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
This may speed the rate at which we move toward distributed work. As companies are forced to implement remote work solutions, they may find that it works out well, and since they have already invested in facilitating work from home, they may retain that model once the crisis abates..
I have to work from home and besides working in my pjs and cooking at home it actually sucks.

I am ďon callĒ since many aspects of my job arenít possible remotely.

The trouble I foresee is that I am much less efficient even on items I can do remotely, if I have questions I canít simply interact with the equipment to find solutions, itís more difficult to find anyone that knows anything and overall slower to do everything.
I can see some companies taking a knee jerk reaction like you suggest but everything will go down hill if they arenít very careful in who/how/when they do it.

Hopefully this is understood