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Highlights all the flaws of globalism. Looks like outsourcing all our manufacturing jobs to Asia wasn't the great idea everyone thought it would be and a good chunk of out sourcing everything to China for the last 25 years is about to be undone.
Suddenly no one thinks open boarders are a good idea, just look at Rhode Island, the ultimate sanctuary state that supports open boarders, don't want new yorkers fleeing to their state. Oh the irony, it is not lost on me.
Mexico wants to close the boarder.
For a brief moment people actually started to question how government employees on a low six figure salary rapidly become multimillionaires.
It looks like for the first time in generations large numbers of people are realizing the government doesn't exist to take care of them. When stuff goes sideways you are responsible for you. AntiGun and Gun hating liberals suddenly see the need to own a gun.
Biden is irrelevant.
The house sets up a covid19 investigation panel to Monday morning quarterback every decision made by the trump administration. Showing how petty and hateful they are.
The bail outs are supposed to have strings attached for multinational companies to bring jobs back home.
Stimulus checks are about the be cut and no one's screaming "not my president".
Last Gallup poll 60% of Americans approve of trumps handling of the virus.
I have only received 1 call about extending my cars warranty in the last month, I think the death toll in Asia is far higher than what we have been told.
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