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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Highlights all the flaws of globalism. Looks like outsourcing all our manufacturing jobs to Asia wasn't the great idea everyone thought it would be and a good chunk of out sourcing everything to China for the last 25 years is about to be undone.
I'm undecided on this one. China in particular is a danger to global freedom because they are Communists and don't respect the rule of law. Intellectual property and health standards/inspections don't ring high on their priorities. Any company doing business there should expect their intellectual property to be forfeited to the Chinese. There's a reason why I can get knock-off Gillette razor blades that are identical in every way for a fraction of the price.

The problem with supply isn't outsourcing, it's not having a sufficiently diverse outsourcing. If we can get the same thing from 3 different countries, it reduces dependence on any single source and increases competition.

Globalism has the potential to unlock new efficiencies. For example, a development cycle can run 24/7 by moving pieces of development to various time zones. There are language and cultural barriers that can increase inefficiency, but it's possible to realize a net benefit to globalized development.
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