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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
It looks like for the first time in generations large numbers of people are realizing the government doesn't exist to take care of them.

The house sets up a covid19 investigation panel to Monday morning quarterback every decision made by the trump administration. Showing how petty and hateful they are.
So the government doesn't accomplish its task to promote the general Welfare, and when one branch tries to establish why that occurred, they're petty and hateful?

Not all threats drive tanks, and there used to be a biodefense office in the NSC. That's great, it keeps every state, town and hospital from having to prepare on its own for every possible pandemic. Sadly, that office was created by guy who was from Kenya, so it had to go. Looking into things like that doesn't strike me as petty.

It happens whichever party's in charge, and both parties have to own the underfunding that left the national stockpile less than fully stocked. None of this happened overnight, and most of it didn't originate in the Oval Office. Dragging it out into the light is a good thing.

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