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oh snap forgot bout this thread. ya I got new cat on, but not retested yet. still have the bigger IM (jdm D15B) that came with my vtec-E & had an egr on it -weird. LOL i have a us VX IM & TB but my add kicked in weeks ago and i missplaced the butterfly plate from that TB clean it... DX/EX butterfly plate is like 1-2mm bigger diameter so not proper. Additionally, i've tried 2 different new 5wire o2 sensors from egay, one butt-connected which i went to solder but may have crossed 2 wires cuz diff colors from the oem. Also a complete oem 1 that had like a lil resistor between 2 pins on the connector??? just mailed that one back cuz it still set off the CEL even after i reset the ECU 15amp fuse. stay tuned... sigh.
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