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I had a whole half hour to try to keep two jobs before I needed to do my brother's evening routine.

Oh I am already out of time.

One problem is that I need to transfer files from my old laptop to this one. I did not want to use my current laptop for work stuff, especially when I took it to work, but from home?

I am going to use the vastly faster one.

I decided to check for jobs. I saw three that potentially interested me in Arizona.

#1 No listed pay: "Now via Tele- Therapy you can create you are to create your own schedule and set your own schedule?"

I wish there were an easy way to reach out and suggest they reread that line.

#2, the one that potentially pays better than my current job, W2 with benefits versus my 1099, and I am confident they would endeavor to find me clients because I have the impression they are greedy little illegitimate children: "We tell the truth..."

The owner lied to me.

#3 I really wish they gave some idea of their payscale. It lists two pay ranges. One for SLPAs and another for SLPs?

It does not specify. Why do they have the same starting pay?

If the one with the lower maximum pay is for SLPAs it would hopefully be competitive with where I work now, but I could make more money with a lower rate and a good caseload.

During uncertain times, you and your family need security.
That's why I am here!
[Agency]is growing more now than ever before, because we take care of our own.
Grammarly says you shouldn't have a comma there.
Join us now with highest rates in Arizona while sitting in your living room using Telehealth!
The liars advertise more. If I have it in writing...
The living room would absolutely not work, but how about a speech shack?
We will send your new IPhone and IPad today
freebeard, tell them how to capitalize iPhone!
Also, I would need to learn to use an iPhone?! Do I look like a three-year-old?!
...and give you immediate training with a team of 6 staff to support you.
Wow. Six. I think that my current agency has at least ten or twenty and you tell me how useful that is. Then again, my rival's agency just has one owner who maintains her own full caseload and often travels, but actively gets clients, so it is not the size of the staff, but whether or not it does its job.
Full caseloads available with quick payment every other week, guaranteed.
That is one of the problems with my rival's agency, on top of not having an office, they pay once a month--if you are lucky. Since multiple people sued for back pay, it seems like there is not a guarantee, either.
If you get sick, we offer sick time! If you are looking for security, join our team and become one of the [hilarious acronym] Family! “We are here for you”
If they pay me $5 an hour less, but I work another two hours a week, says that I would take home the same amount, except I would have retirement, sick days, etc.

I would want to compare a lower hourly pay because W2 employers invariably pay less than 1099 ones, but this would be $10 an hour less than their maximum for a bilingual therapist with five years of experience who is actively trying to get into grad school.
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