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Who named this thread?! It wasn't me!

The original video claimed that you could earn $269,000 a year 3d scanning houses, extracting still shots, blueprints, etc., and charging for videos of drones flying up to the house.

He made this video about just 3d scanning and talks about a cheaper and simpler camera, which looks like the one that I found:

Weird how he went from $269,000 a year selling $900 packages to making $100,000 charging $250 to scan a house.

I doubted that I could do 300 $400 packages a year. 400 $250 packages does not seem very likely either.

Of course, the title is clickbait. It is not $100,000 to push a button [one time], it is $100,000 finding 400 client, driving to their house, unpacking and setting up the camera, moving the camera a bunch of times...

...and then you push the button...

...each time...

I am sure there is a fair amount of work processing the data, too.
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